About us

Founded in 1990, Expal inc introduced innovative products to the industrial packaging market in North America.

Expal inc realized that many manufacturers were searching for solutions to eliminate problems of products and pallets shifting during handling and expedition.

Expal inc introduced anti-slip paper in North America to answer successfully to this need and specialises in this unique domain since then.


To remain the reference in anti-slip paper products since Expal inc. introduced them in North America in 1995.

To offer companies that ship goods on pallets the most economical and ecological solutions to pallets or products shifting during transport and handling.


Our business ships out products in boxes and bags. We had a stability problem with column stacking, where our products could not stabilize safely. Expal inc.s’ anti-slip sheets were the answer and solution to our problem. We were able to increase the quantity of bags we put on a pallet by 50% without any slip issues. We also decreased the amount of packaging used.

Thanks to Expal inc. for helping us improve our efficiency, eliminate costly product damages and reduce our overall costs.